Multi Parameter Controls

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  • CTT Series

    Kitchen Brains® CTT Series Cooking and Timing Controller is a multi-parameter, single display, multi-function appliance control.

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  • Model CH-300

    Kitchen Brains® Model CH-300 Multi-Parameter Electronic Controller is a precise and reliable mid-level cooking and holding controller that is both expandable and adaptable to your needs.

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  • Model CH-305

    Kitchen Brains® Model CH-305 High Temperature Controller is a precise and reliable mid-level electronic controller for applications that demand high operating temperatures.

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  • Models CH-50 & CH-100

    Kitchen Brains® Models CH-50 & CH-100 Multi-Parameter Controllers are precise and reliable mid-level dual display controllers with independent temperature and time displays.

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  • Rotary Switch Selector – Model RSS-212

    Kitchen Brains® Model RSS-212 Rotary Switch Selector is a user interface board companion to smart interface I/O controllers within the (FAST.Connect)™ Family.

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  • ZAC Series

    Reliable and precise general purpose electronic controller for controlling and monitoring up to 3 (ZAC-3) or 6 (ZAC-6) appliance temperature zones, respectively.

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