Do Not Sell My Personal Information Policy Page

KitchenBrains “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” Policy

Food Automation – Service Techniques, LLC, dba KitchenBrains does not “sell” Sensitive Personal Information (as defined under State Privacy Laws).
The meaning of “sale” under State Privacy Laws in California, Colorado, Connecticut, and Utah is broad and is not limited to sharing personal information in exchange for money.

However, if you would like to opt out of the “sale” of your personal information as permitted under State Privacy Laws in the event we do “sell” personal information in the future, you can do so, and we will keep a record of this request. Please email us at using the subject “California Opt Out from Sale”. At a minimum, you must provide us with the name and email address associated with your information or account.

Please remember that our ability to maintain a record of your request is limited by the accuracy and completeness of the information you provide. We will only record the name and email address that you provide to us. For more information about our privacy practices, please see our Privacy Policy.