Hot Harry’s Makes Mark on East Coast

Founder of Hot Harry’s Fresh Burritos, Samir Abdallah, Brings California-Mex Cuisine to East Coast. Hot Harry’s is making their mark as a standout destination for fast casual dining. With its simple mission to quickly serve fresh, made-from-scratch, affordable food in a clean and comfortable environment, Hot Harry’s holds the recipe for success. Having previous success with the (FAST.)® TRACKER™ Timers at Wayback Burgers, formerly Jake’s Wayback Burgers, Richard Tarascio, now president of Hot Harry’s, was already onboard with the brand. “The product quality and customer service Kitchen Brains provides is unmatched in the industry,” Tarascio remarked. “It is important for a growing brand like ours to have a strong partner like Kitchen Brains that we can rely on for best in class quality and service.” When posed with the question as to which timer was best for Hot Harry’s, the answer was clear.

The industry leading (FASTIMER.)® Tracker Timer was the only option for Tarascio’s new business endeavor. The TRACKER solution has continued to help Hot Harry’s carry out their mission, cooking many diverse recipes, including tostadas, shrimp, cod, poppers, tortilla chips, and shells, that use the freshest ingredients and are safely prepared to perfection. Andrew Pinto, Hot Harry’s Account Manager says, “Kitchen Brains is a proud partner of Hot Harry’s Fresh Burritos, and we look forward to helping the company with future success.”

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