ECOLAB: Cleaning Up With a Multipurpose Controller

Ecolab provides high-performance, one-pass warewashing solutions for global restaurant and hospitality markets. A dishmachine that integrates chemical dispensing should have differentiated Ecolab from competitors who sell only chemicals — but sales results were off course. If Ecolab’s 1200 field representatives had access to simple, valid and reliable information for educating restaurant managers on how to affect dishroom efficiency, they would expand their comfort zones into total system solutions.

The Challenge To automatically capture and ready-system data for wireless transmission from the Kitchen BrainsTM controller to a tablet PC so that Ecolab analysis software can present graphical and tabular information about operational efficiency and food safety. 

The Solution APEX TSC, the smartest and easiest-to-use warewashing system on the market, provides an effective utility for retrieving valid rack counts from the Kitchen BrainsTM controller. Efficiency ratios are tracked, trended and presented in personalized service reports by Ecolab representatives so that restaurant managers can improve dishroom costs, train crews and implement new procedures. 

Business Results

Partnerships For Success Ecolab’s development team included Kitchen Brains and Jackson MSC []. “Integrating a dispensing system, dishmachine and customized controller wirelessly connected to a tablet PC running Ecolab analysis software was a fast track project that went from conception to production in three months,” said Bill Flynn, Kitchen BrainsTM Vice President.“We knew that controller data was available, but we were unable to easily access it,” said Adrian Hartz, Ecolab Sr. Program Leader. “Kitchen Brains, who we rely on for controls and communications technologies since 1999, proactively participated in focus groups to assist us during needs analysis and in trying to understand our lack of success in selling a high-learning product. They translated our business terminology into technical specifications and created a cost effective solution for acquiring system performance data. They are easy to work with and managed the risk with us. They aggressively focused on meeting goals and deadlines while developing the IrDA interface.” #teamGENIUS