Cafe Intermezzo Coffeehouses Use Modularm to Ensure Quality

When first I visited Berlin, Germany in 1971, I had the pleasure of entering a konditorei with my cousin, who grew up in Berlin. Konditorei is the German name for the ages-old European coffeehouse. Immediately the elegance, the aura of classical beauty, the calm dignity all touched my soul. Here was the antithesis of fast-food that was exploding in the United States, and I thought that, like myself, some people might truly enjoy partaking in the experience of the arousal of all five senses, and the creation of enriching memories, in such a beautiful setting. It represented, in a moment, a mini trip to another time, another place. In that moment I vowed to one day bring the European Coffeehouse to America. Ultimately, we opened the first Cafe Intermezzo in Atlanta in 1979.

We have installed the Modularm® Temperature Monitoring System from Kitchen Brains® in all the walk-in freezers and coolers in our cafes and bakery. My wife, Page, and I consider it essential to securing the tens of thousands of dollars in inventory of our unique and special pastries, and the ingredients, foods and beverages that are essential to the uninterrupted service to 5,000 guests per week.

“We heartily recommend Kitchen Brains’ products, developed through decades of research and experience that have brought their practical solutions to reality.” – Brian Olson, President European Coffee Houses Worldwide, LLC.

The Modularm® Temperature Monitoring System tracks temperature anytime, anywhere food products are stored. To learn how Modularm products can help your business, contact your Kitchen Brains representative or call us at 203-377-4414.