Ensure Food Availability and Freshness and Reduce Waste with Automation

January 15, 2024

Stratford, CT, January 15, 2024 – Find out how middle-of-house automation can optimize the employee and customer experience.

In today’s fast-paced world, quick-service restaurant consumers demand nothing less than the freshest, highest-quality food. Meeting these expectations is no small feat, as it relies on the availability of high-quality ingredients, focused labor, and precise production management. To accomplish this, restaurant operators must be equipped to manage peak-hour rushes using data-driven insights and automation to ensure they do not run out of products or serve food that is not at the peak of freshness.

Kitchen Brains®, CEO Christian Koether, aims to revolutionize restaurant solutions by harnessing the power of IoT (Internet of Things) applications, primarily focusing on production management. “Let’s ensure that quick-service restaurants consistently serve hot, fresh, and readily available food,” says Koether. When restaurant operators face product shortages during peak hours, or overages during non-peak hours and sell non-fresh food, it results in lower guest satisfaction scores and excessive waste. And that hits the bottom line.

Freshness and food availability are the cornerstones of a remarkable customer experience. Ed Musial, vice president of global product innovation at Kitchen Brains, emphasizes, “Regardless of which quick-service restaurant you visit, restaurants need to deliver consistency. That is where innovation, technology, and solutions come into play. Restaurants must maintain the highest quality and
consistency across their entire system.”

Kitchen Brains approaches restaurant solutions through the unique concept of the middle-of-house™ (moh), which encompasses everything from the manager’s workstation to the point of sale. Koether explains, “The MoH is the kitchen, the heart of the restaurant, where cooking, prepping, and packaging take place.” Kitchen Brains technology addresses the operational gaps that can impact the availability and quality of large-batch products, and the customer experience.

Through innovative software and hardware, Kitchen Brains eliminates redundancies and inefficiencies in the commercial kitchen. “We’re here to automate crucial batch, cook, and hold processes in the restaurant by tapping into our core strengths: seamless communication, embedded controls, and analytics,” Koether says.

With the current global challenges of staff shortages and employee turnover, streamlining production management benefits both customer experiences and delivers to the bottom line. Kitchen Brains helps optimize operations by streamlining the production and management process, while also reducing employee training time. This ensures the continuous availabilitiy of fresh food while minimizing waste.

It starts with Kitchen Brains’ embedded controls for commercial kitchen appliances, including walk-in freezers, refrigerators, fryers, and ovens to automate and optimize kitchen operations. With these controls and Kitchen Brains production management technology, the kitchen staff is guided on what to cook, how much to cook, when to cook, and when to discard expired products. Kitchen Brains production management technology empowers restaurant operators with greater control over kitchen operations and food safety so they can focus on the front-of-house, their customers, and other responsibilities. Kitchen Brains has been a trusted partner to the quick service culinary industry, since 1969 and has led the industry in a vast range of technologies, apps, food safety, temperature monitoring, energy management, production management, and control solutions. Musial affirms, “We do it all, and enrich operators technology stack.”

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